3 Top Tips for Community Fundraising

by | Oct 1, 2021 | Findacure team

This week’s blog was written by our Fundraising Manager, Laura!

Laura shares her top three tips for community fundraising below.

1. Identify your donors and fundraisers

It is important to know who your target audience is. If your primary supporters are over 65, then the likelihood is they will not want to be doing a sponsored sky dive (although there are some exceptions!). Similarly, if your supporters are predominantly parents, hosting a late night event on a school night or in a non-family friendly venue may not maximise attendance. Be aware of who supports you and provide community fundraising events, activities and challenges that will have the most appeal.

2. Budgets are key!


Making a list of what an event or challenge will cost is essential. Entering or holding a community event will usually have a cost and this must be lower than the fundraising potential to make a profit. Write down and plan:

  • How much will the venue cost?
  • Is there a fee to enter the challenge?
  • Are their transport or catering costs?

Then compare this to the potential of what is being raised:

  • How many tickets do I need to sell to make a profit?
  • What does the fundraising target need to be?
  • How will I make sure this is achieved?

Always factor staff and volunteer time into these calculations.

3. Make it easy

Even the most enthusiastic of fundraisers can be put off if they feel that their time is not valued or the process becomes complicated. Create a basic Community Fundraising Pack for your supporters. Include suggestions of activities they could take part in to raise money for your charity, your logo to support them in promoting the charity and a link to your chosen fundraising platform. If you make setting up their community fundraising activity as easy as possible, it will give your supporters the chance to focus on what is really important – raising those funds!

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