“Beyond Limits: Rare Men Talking Mental Health”

by | Oct 11, 2022 | Blog, Patient stories, Rare disease world

In honour of World Mental Health Day on 10 October 2022, Rare Patient Voice helped to launch “Beyond Limits: Rare Men Talking Mental Health,” a new short film from our rare disease patient/advocate David Ross!

In today’s society, mental health still has a prominent stigma surrounding it. Many feel ashamed, judged, or fear they will be labeled as weak if they seek treatment. Now imagine that you are a male patient or family caregiver in the rare disease community. The layers of personal struggle and stigma around seeking help are often magnified and pose a unique challenge for men.

One in four people globally struggle with a mental illness – more than cancer, diabetes or heart disease, according to Clubhouse International.

David Ross, a rare disease patient and advocate himself, was inspired by his own experiences and those of others in the rare disease community to develop a film called “Beyond Limits: Rare Men Talking Mental Health.”

In this video, you will hear the personal experiences of male rare disease patients and family caregivers as they are asked thought-provoking questions about their mental health. This video was created to address the very real stigma surrounding men’s mental health in the rare disease community and to open a meaningful dialogue moving forward, and is also a great way to mark World Mental Health Day (October 10).

“Mental health should be treated the same as physical health. I want men to see talking about their mental health as a strength. I think this is even more important when living with a rare disease as it comes with many added layers.”

David Ross

Rare disease patient and advocate, Cowden syndrome

Watch “Beyond Limits: Rare Men Talking Mental Health”

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