Eve’s first year at Beacon!

Oct 25, 2023

This week’s blog was written by our Scientific Projects Manager, Eve.

October marked Eve’s one year work anniversary at Beacon.

In this blog, Eve shares how she has found her first year! 

Photo of Eve Scott

When I tell people my 1-year Beacon-versary is coming up, they say ‘really, only a year?!’.

I think that summarises how I feel about my first year, a totally different role in a totally different setting from my previous ones and I’ve been absolutely embraced by my colleagues and the wider rare disease community.

While to me a year has absolutely flown by, it simultaneously feels like I’ve been part of Beacon for a lot longer!

Picture of Eve Scott presenting

What I love about working for Beacon and within the REMEDi4ALL project is that every day there’s a new challenge that requires a multi-disciplinary approach to solve.

This is exciting for me as I have come from a place where my colleagues are exclusively science/medical focused and seeing how people with different backgrounds work to solve different problems is really fun.

I have learnt a lot from my colleagues and expect this will continue over the rest of my time with Beacon.

It’s so hard to pick a single highlight from the last year when there have been so many.

I love representing Beacon and the community at events or through writing/presenting and have been lucky enough to do this several times in the last year, as well as supporting a very successful webinar series in collaboration with LifeArc.

The thing I love most about the work I do within the science team is being able to imagine how today’s webinar could be tomorrow’s real-life impact on a research project and, consequently, on the patients relying on that research project.

The Beacon team are incredibly supportive in both my work and personal life, and I have made some life-long friends in the last year. Beacon will always have a part of me no matter what the future holds!

But for now, I am excited for what’s next. The science team have a really big year ahead and we’re really looking forward to sharing this with the community.

Picture of Rick, Eve and Will at the REMEDI4ALL conference.

Thank you to Eve for sharing your blog on your first year at Beacon with us!

We hope you enjoyed reading about what Eve has been getting up to during her first year.

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