Learn more about the REMEDi4ALL GAM 2023 with Eve, our Scientific Projects Manager!

Aug 16, 2023

This week’s blog was written by our Scientific Projects Manager, Eve.

In June, Eve alongside our CEO, Rick and Administrative Officer, Will attended the REMEDi4ALL General Annual Meeting in Amsterdam.

Eve’s blog summarises the two-day GAM with a focus on ‘patient centricity’ and how Beacon plays a part in ‘teaching the next generation of re-purposers’.


Photo of Eve Scott
Rick, Will and I attended the 2-day General Annual Meeting (GAM) of REMEDi4ALL in Amsterdam. The GAM was a great opportunity to hear from all the consortium partners on what has been achieved in the last 9 months, the successes and the failures, and plans for the next 4 years and beyond.
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Patient centricity

Rick and Claudia (EURORDIS) opened the GAM with a talk on patient centricity and the importance of this in research and drug development, including the risks of not involving patients in every step of the process. This is what sets REMEDi4ALL apart from other drug development/drug repurposing consortia in that when anyone in the room says they’re aiming for patient centricity – they mean it!

After setting the scene on the first day, we heard from scientists, regulators, funders, health economists and more over the duration of the meeting and all maintained this key, crucial message in their work and plans. It is extremely encouraging to see people within every stage Genof the drug development pathway thinking about how we get a drug through all the tricky ups and downs of development and approval, to patients directly in the cheapest, easiest, fastest way.

If everyone is aligned on this common goal – this will make collaboration and partnership easier and mean that we really do see patient impact as soon as possible.

Teaching the next generation of re-purposers

Photo of Lucy smiling, wearing a Beacon T-shirt.
Part of Beacon’s role in REMEDi4ALL is teaching the next generation of re-purposers how to successfully get their great ideas out of their brains and to patients. It was great to hear that scientists and clinicians acknowledge the fact that they aren’t always sure how they should move forward with these ideas and that they would be very willing and supportive of help in this. We want to teach scientists how to project manage!

It was again really encouraging to hear that all partners in the consortium agree with our training plans, that regulators want to make their language accessible to all and health economists are our greatest allies at times, despite the perceived reputation.

We hope that our role in REMEDi4ALL is to encourage a collaborative approach to education where every stakeholder can communicate to the other about what they want and need to succeed.

Until next time!

Now it’s time for us all to go and put these ideas and discussions into practice.

Here at Beacon we will be looking at our curriculum for REMEDi4ALL, deciding what everyone needs to know, when they need to know it and how we teach them.

We are also continuing to champion and support the patient centricity of the project, developing what we hope will be a gold standard patient engagement plan, in true co-partnership with patients and patient groups, that can be used in all drug repurposing project both within the REMEDi4ALL lifespan and beyond!

Thank you to Eve for writing a brilliant summary of the GAM, we hope you enjoyed learning about the work Beacon does in collaboration with REMEDi4ALL!

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