Managing expectations of advanced therapies

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Understanding genetics and advanced therapies

Beacon is delighted to announce our next webinar series, this will consist of four sessions taking place in April and June 2023.

They will take you through the steps of understanding genetics and advanced therapies and their application in rare diseases. Including examining the challenges associated with accessing them and exploring success stories across the rare space. Check out an overview of the sessions below:

Webinar four

Managing expectations of advanced therapies

In the past three sessions we have learned that advanced therapies and personalised medicine are exciting prospects in the future of healthcare.

However, patients need to be aware of the associated risks and drawbacks, as well as ensure they have realistic expectations of what these therapies can offer their rare disease patient group.

This interactive session will explore how to know if advanced therapies are the right fit for your rare disorder, what needs to be considered before getting involved and the common challenges faced throughout the development pathway.

It will include a panel session composed of patient groups, industry and academic representatives all with extensive experience in advanced therapies. The panelists will share their perspectives on the following:

  • The current landscape of advanced therapies including where opportunities are and the challenges surrounding regulation and development
  • Where patient groups can get involved
  • What patient groups need to consider when looking into advanced therapies

The remainder of the session will be dedicated to a Q&A where attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions on the topics covered in this and the previous three sessions.

Key details

Key details:

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