Boost your patient group’s productivity using AI

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Boost your patient group’s productivity using AI 

AI has dominated conversations over the past year. So much so, that Collin’s Dictionary even made their word of 2023 ‘artificial intelligence’.

But what is AI and how is it relevant to rare disease patient groups? Let us tell you!

Too often, patient group leaders have a mile-long to-do list and feel pressured to do everything, singlehandedly, all at once. AI tools can alleviate a lot of this burden; providing a free helping hand with generating ideas, writing copy for emails, social media posts, websites and funding applications, and even helping with producing graphics. It seems that the possibilities are endless!

However, getting the most out of these tools takes experience. Is taking the time to learn these new tools worth it? How can I be sure the information is correct? How can I get more helpful answers out of AI? 

This webinar will equip patient group representatives with more know-how of when and how to use AI, hopefully boosting productivity and saving precious time!


What is AI?


Artificial Intelligence (or AI) is the ability of a digital computer or computer-controlled robot to perform tasks commonly associated with intelligent beings. Examples include ChatGPT, Bard etc. These models are being developed all the time, and are currently free to use for all (just requiring an account).

AI can be used to write copy for any platform, from social media to fundraising bids, and is able to mimic the way you already write!

Why is AI important?


In the hectic online world, utilising AI helps patient groups meet their aims by:

Writing more quickly and creatively

Saving time on routine tasks so you can focus on your community

Generating images and graphics

What to expect from the webinar?


This webinar will teach you:


  • What AI is

  • How to write effective prompts for different types of AI

  • How AI can help you become more efficient in all aspects of your patient group’s activities

  • The potential risks and dangers of using AI

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Have a think: what are you hoping to achieve with AI from attending this webinar? Come along and share your goals!

About our webinars

All Beacon’s webinars are delivered online in Zoom’s webinar format. These are designed as a general overview of a topic to ensure all attendees have a good level of knowledge. There is always a chance to ask questions at the end, and are often part of a series to cover different topics within one area.

This masterclass will equip patient group leaders with the essential AI skills they need to build capacity. It will be held online on Zoom. 

Meet the trainer

Jenn Hood

Third Sector Lab

Jenn Hood is an award-winning digital designer with a passion for supporting third sector organisations with digital upskilling and making the most of the technologies available to them.

With a decade of experience in digital communications, she has collaborated with a variety of different organisations, supporting them to streamline digital processes and increase their online visibility.

As the lead on website design and development at Third Sector Lab, Jenn is continually studying and implementing technology trends, resulting in user-friendly and impactful websites. Her expertise lies in transforming complex information into accessible digital content.

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