Meet our Patient Group Engagement Committee member: Tony!

by | Dec 10, 2021 | Findacure team

This week’s blog was written by a member of our 2021-2023 Patient Group Engagement Committee! Get to know Tony Thornburn now, and keep an eye out for more ‘Meet the Team’ blogs from our new committee members in the coming weeks.

Get to know Tony Thornburn

Why/how did you become involved in rare diseases?

My daughter was diagnosed with Behçet’s and after becoming a member of Behçet’s UK when the charity subsequently asked for additional trustees I stepped up to the plate; and before I knew it ended up chair!

Why did you choose to join our Patient Group Engagement Committee?

I have particularly enjoyed appointments during my career that involve strategy and planning. Learning so much about the rare disease challenge and the plight of patients, I want to apply the knowledge I gained to the benefit of others, and supporting Findacure to do so.

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

I’m a keen amateur singer in various choirs or choral groups.

Favourite book/movie/tv show? And why?

Escape from Alcatraz – because I like Clint Eastwood and Patrick McGoohan; or maybe The Rock – because Sean Connery is cool.

Keep an eye out for upcoming blogs that’ll introduce you to the members of our 2021-2023 Patient Group Engagement Committee. Next up will be Francesca Wicks’ ‘Meet the Team’ blog!