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Metabolic Support UK (MSUK) are the leading organisation for Inherited Metabolic Disorders (IMDs), supporting thousands of patients worldwide through providing individual support, building patient communities, and continually advocating for and empowering those living with IMDs.

Since its inception in 1981, our organisation has strived to support those in the rare community, expanding newborn screening, accelerating the development of orphan drugs, and acting instrumentally in establishing EURODIS, ensuring people living with IMDs have the best quality of life possible.

These landmark achievements, however, could not have been reached without effective cross-charity collaboration. MSUK and Beacon have a long history of collaboration. As we elevate our individual support, empowerment, advocacy, and insight offers, we hope to partner with Beacon on future campaigns; whilst utilising the training, events and services Beacon has on offer.

We will continue to engage with and attend Beacon’s events and trainings, whilst signposting our ambassadors to the patient training programme, and utilising Beacon’s networking opportunities to make the most of the valuable opportunities we know Beacon will offer in the future.

Metabolic Support UK