Advances in rare disease made thus far in 2022

by | May 18, 2022

If you’re considering submitting a lightning talk proposal for The Cambridge Rare Disease Showcase but aren’t sure what to discuss, we’ve compiled a list of rare disease advances that have already occurred in 2022 from a variety of rare stakeholders!

See what the community has been up to so far this year, and come away inspired to share your accomplishments at the in-person Cambridge Rare Disease Showcase this July.

Remember: You have until 6 June to submit your lightning talk proposal!

The Cambridge Rare Disease Showcase is essential to breaking down barriers between patient groups, healthcare professionals, industry, academia, researchers and students.

Incredible progress has already been made in 2022 by the following rare stakeholders:

Patient Groups

Healthcare Professionals




Researchers and Academics

Ready to share your accomplishments?

Submit your lightning talk proposal before 6 June!

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Pro tip:  A good lightning talk condenses a couple of ideas and inspires the audience to search for more information. Watch the lighting talks from The International Rare Disease Showcase to see how it’s done and learn how you can #BeatTheBell!

Good luck!