Beacon joins the REMEDi4ALL consortium!

Sep 9, 2022

It is with great pleasure that we can announce that our rare disease charity in Cambridge, UK, is a proud member of the REMEDi4ALL consortium!

Beacon: for rare diseases, the University of Sheffield and the University of Hull have joined 21 European organisations for the REMEDi4ALL project.


What is REMEDi4ALL?

REMEDi4ALL is a new flagship EU-funded research initiative to drive the repurposing of medicines across the UK and Europe.

The REMEDi4ALL project will repurpose medicines to treat some of the world’s rarest and most neglected conditions, such as rare genetic diseases, poorly understood cancers and infectious diseases

The REMEDi4ALL consortium, led by EATRIS (the European infrastructure for translational medicine), will work in partnership with patient groups and an international community of those interested or actively engaged in drug repurposing to change the repurposing landscape. The REMEDi4ALL project will make it easier for repurposed medicines to succeed and reach patients faster.

Key aims

  • Make repurposing a more viable route to deliver medicines to patients faster
  • Remove barriers to repurposing access and involvement 
  • Make cost-effective repurposed therapies more widely available TODAY

Our role in the project

We’ll be bringing patient input to the heart of the REMEDi4ALL project!

We’ll be responsible for leading the consortium’s educational programme on drug repurposing to support the international drug repurposing community.

Watch this space!

Photo of Rick Thompson

“REMEDi4ALL is a hugely exciting initiative, with the potential to create a truly effective pathway to develop repurposed drugs for often neglected conditions.

Beacon is excited to be part of this consortium, and we will work to highlight both the central role repurposing can play in the future of drug development, and the huge benefit of patient input into this crucial research.”

Rick Thompson, CEO

There are high hopes for this flagship European initiative in the UK and EU, so if you want to learn more visit our REMEDi4ALL page.