Farewell and thank you to our graphic design intern, Freya and Costello Medical!

by | Apr 25, 2022

Join us as we say farewell and thank you to our Graphic Design intern, Freya!

Freya led the way on our charity rebrand, designing our new website and setting our brand direction (logo, colour scheme, typography, illustrations and overall concept). She determined the look and feel of our new print materials, and became a beloved member of the Beacon team. Freya even made the branding and logo for the Rarely Heard Podcast!

It goes without saying that we were heartbroken to see her go, but we’re thrilled that she became a permanent Graphic Designer with Costello Medical down in London!

To learn how Freya found double interning with us and Costello, read her blog now!

The work was fast-paced and quite sprawling at times, but there was always time to have a much needed laugh with my Beacon colleagues and make numerous cups of tea and my strong Brazilian coffee for the team.

Freya Turner

Graphic Designer, Costello Medical

We cannot thank Freya’s line manager, Charlotte, and the entire Costello Medical team enough for working with us to conduct a successful joint internship. Our long-standing partnership remains close to our heart and we look forward to the next project we tackle together.

To Freya and Costello, thank you for an incredible six months!