RAREfest22: Unique festival puts rare diseases into the spotlight!

by | Oct 12, 2022

We’re thrilled to announce that we’re media partners of Cambridge Rare Disease Network’s #RareFest2022!

Join us and the rare community on 26th November to learn about pioneering science, watch exciting demonstrations of life-changing tech and hear inspirational talks from Genomics England, Medics4RareDiseases and more!

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Did you know

That 3.5 million people in the UK are living with rare conditions?

That’s around about the population of Wales. Hang on, didn’t we say RARE?!

Well, with over 10,000 different rare conditions, what may be individually rare becomes collectively common.

In fact,1 in 17 of us may be affected in our lifetime so it’s something we should all be curious about.

With this in mind, CamRARE is making it their priority to push rare diseases into the spotlight.

What is #RareFest22?

#RareFest22 is a rare disease-inspired, unique festival that will spark curiosity, challenge perceptions, and showcase science and innovative tech while giving a voice to those living with rare conditions and their families.

Taking place on November 26th, this FREE event for the experts and the curious of all ages promises a feast of:

  • Expert speakers
  • Immersive exhibits
  • Films
  • Art

Plus, a great opportunity to mix and mingle with the rare disease community, scientists, medical professionals, companies developing tech/treatments and more!

#RareFest22 highlights include:

Singing Science – Genomics The Musical

Singing Science is a one-person show combining the basics of Genetics and the impacts on the rare disease community! The show provides an engaging way to familiarise yourself with key concepts and is fit for all ages.

Illumina – The Cambridge DNA Journey

Explore a visual map and timeline of the journey from the discovery of DNA to the development and application of genetics and genomics to diagnostics and healthcare in Cambridge with Illumina!

Medics4RareDiseases – Rare Disease Podcast 4 Medics

Lucy McKay is CEO of Medics4RareDiseases and will be broadcasting a live recording of her Rare Disease Podcast 4 Medics at #RareFest22 featuring guests from across the rare disease community!

Expect an equally heart-wrenching and heart-warming experience.

Rare Youth Revolution

Join the RARE Youth Revolution for an immersive experience into the life of young people living with rare diseases and some invisible symptoms they experience. Talk to the team about internship opportunities for young people living with rare diseases and more!

Are you a person or family affected or perhaps you have a neighbour or friend who is?

Maybe you’re curious about the world and love to share that with your kids?

Are you a researcher based in a lab, a healthcare worker in a busy hospital, a teacher with a class full of inquisitive kids, or a student embarking on their next adventure?

Whomever you are we guarantee this will be a fascinating day out and you’ll learn something new that will blow your mind. So come along, bring your friends and family and make a day of it!


For the experts. For the curious. For all ages. For the whole family. For everyone. For FREE.

For more information visit the festival website!

Tickets are free and available at https://www.camraredisease.org/rarefest22/