Say hello to our new Digital Resources Manager!

by | Mar 22, 2023

Our Marketing & Engagement Manager, Blayne, isn’t going anywhere!


We’re thrilled to announce that Blayne will transition roles to become our new Digital Resources Manager to work exclusively on The Resources Hub!

Blayne has been our Marketing & Engagement Manager for almost three years, so it’s time for her to take on a new challenge and guide our upcoming Communications Officer in their new role.

Hear from Blayne and see what she’ll be doing in her new role!

Overview of Blayne’s new role

Blayne will join our Projects Team as our new Digital Resources Manager! She’ll be creating and updating content on The Hub and ensuring that our resources are delivered accessibly in both written and video formats. Blayne will work closely with the Projects Team to identify the patient group community’s training needs and determine a content-delivery strategy for The Hub accordingly. She’ll be responsible for our YouTube channel and helping to coordinate our volunteers!

Hear from Blayne on her new position!

I’m very excited to be the charity’s new Digital Resources Manager! My passion is for writing, so I can’t imagine a better role. I get to play to my strengths and condense information into one easy-to-read guide, course or rare disease policy summary for our patient groups and community to enjoy.

Looking back, I have loved every second of being responsible for the charity’s social media channels and growing our reach. I’ve helped to rebrand the charity, improve our visibility and empower rare leaders from around the world. I can walk away from this role knowing that I put my stamp on the charity’s communications.

I’ll miss my old role, but I’m extremely excited to further connect with our patient groups and community through The Resources Hub. Thank you for welcoming me into the rare community all those years ago and cheers to many more years of improving The Resources Hub!

Watch this space!

Blayne Baker

Soon-to-be Digital Resources Manager, Beacon for rare diseases