Support the Student Voice

by | Aug 31, 2018

Seeking attention for your rare disease? Looking to raise awareness among medical professionals? Then we have an opportunity for you.

We are currently planning this year’s Student Voice essay competition, and are pleased that we are working closer than ever with Medics 4 Rare Diseases to deliver the best competition yet.

As part of this year’s plan we will be giving medical students the chance to request a connection with a rare disease patient group in order to learn first-hand about the condition and the patient experience. Before we officially launch this year’s competition we are looking to get a short-list of patient groups who are willing to get involved.  We would ask each group to give an hour of their time on the phone to answer the student’s questions. The aim is to give them a better understanding of the condition, the patient experience of living with a rare disease, and the role doctors play in patient support. After the essays have been judged, we will share the pieces with you to share among your patient community.

If you are interested in helping us pilot this project, please get in touch with, and put “Student Voice” in the title.