The 2020 Student Voice Prize is now OPEN!

by | Oct 5, 2020

The 2020 Student Voice Prize is OPEN!

We’re challenging medical students to once again #DareToThinkRare for our international essay competition. We’ve launched a brand-new website, logo and essay questions, so head over to the official Student Voice Prize website to see what students will be writing about for 2020!


What is The Student Voice Prize?

The Student Voice Prize is an annual, international essay competition that focuses on raising the profile of rare disease within the medical field, particularly with medical students, nurses and scientists who may have never come across rare diseases in their training. It is open to:

  • Medical students
  • Trainee nurses
  • Undergraduate and masters students enrolled in biological sciences studies (pharmacy, biology, genetics, biomedical science, pharmacology, etc.)

Findacure and Medics4RareDiseases host the competition together and the winner gets published in The Orphanet Journal of Rare Diseases!

This year’s essay questions are as followed: 

Question 1

How has the global COVID-19 pandemic affected clinical research into rare diseases? What lessons can we take from the current situation to improve the delivery of rare disease research in the future?

Question 2

Rare disease patients often experience disjointed care, being passed from specialist to specialist, or having to attend numerous poorly planned hospital appointments. Use a case study to demonstrate the rare disease patient experience of the health service, the importance of coordinated care plan, and the role technology (such as digital health and telemedicine) can play in supporting the patient experience.

Question 3

Reflect on the impact of shielding during COVID-19 on rare disease patients and their families. How has COVID-19 changed the rare disease experience?

Will you #DareToThinkRare for the 2020 Student Voice Prize? You have until 16th November at 9:00 am GMT to submit your essay, so get writing and visit The Student Voice Prize official webiste to learn more. Follow The Student Voice Prize on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook at @RDStudentVoice!