This is Rare: the voice of the rare community

Mar 1, 2023

Our Projects Manager, Phil, can sing!

Phil joined This is Rare, a Sanofi UK-sponsored campaign that puts the voices of the rare disease community centre stage in the call for greater recognition, awareness and advocacy for the 1 in 17 people affected by a rare disease in the UK.

Taking inspiration from the empowerment song ‘This is Me’ (originally sung by Keala Settle) patients, patient organisation representatives and health professionals came together at Abbey Road Studios to share their experiences through music and song, under the guidance of world-famous vocal coaches and presenters, Carrie and David Grant MBEs.

During the video, some of the participants are using Makaton, a language programme that uses symbols, signs and speech to enable people to communicate.

Interview with Carrie and David Grant MBEs

Watch “This is Rare” full performance