Virgin Money Giving CLOSES at midnight on 30 November 2021

by | Nov 2, 2021

As many of you already know, Virgin Money Giving (VMG) is closing after 12 years of service on 30 November 2021 at midnight.

The VMG website will remain open until midnight on 30 November 2021 before VMG stops accepting donations. The VMG team has put together a Q&A page to walk you through what happens before and after the site’s official closure.

Below is the key information you need to know before the end of this month:


• VMG will keep paying you Gift Aid until February (The last payment should be with you by 10 February 2022)

• You must register with another online fundraising platform before VMG officially closes on 30 November 2021. VMG has shared ‘The best online fundraising platforms for charities’ from Charity Digital to help you pick a new fundraising platform that works for you.

• If you signed up to VMG since January 2021, VMG will refund you your registration fee. The VMG team aims to complete all refunds by 30 November 2021.

• Be sure to contact supporters who use VMG to donate to your organisation before 30 November 2021 and let them know which online fundraising platform you’ll now be using for donations.

• You have until 18 February 2022 to download your VMG reports. Be sure to download AND save your reports. You can download and save reports for your regular donors, donations VMG has paid to you and your fundraisers. Simply log into VMG and use the online portal to access your reports before 18 February 2022.

• New regular donations cannot be set up.

If we haven’t addressed your pressing questions, please visit the VMG Q&A page. This page will guide you through downloading your fundraising page, saving messages left by family and friends, Gift Aid policies and how you can access supporter data. If you have any questions, please email