We’re hiring!

Mar 26, 2023

The Beacon team is growing again!

Whether you fancy a career change or your first job out of university, we have the perfect position for you.

Apply to be our new Projects Officer (entry-level) or new Communications Officer (junior-level) to enter the world of rare diseases and influence change.

Head to our recruitment page to view each job description now and get that application in by 19th May. 

We’re very excited to meet you!

Projects Officer

Overview of the role

Beacon is seeking a Projects Officer to join our growing Projects Team. Alongside the Projects Manager, the Chief Operating Officer (COO), and the new Digital Resources Manager, the Projects Team is responsible for delivering and developing the organisation’s core patient group training and community building activities.

As Projects Officer you will support the delivery and administration of Beacon’s projects, which will include responsibilities in project planning and delivery, event logistics, speaker and attendee management and production of pre- and post-project materials. As an entry-level role, you will benefit from working closely with the COO and Projects Manager, learning directly from their combined 9 years of experience in project management and delivery at Beacon, and taking on new responsibilities and opportunities that appeal to you and match your skill set.

The successful candidate will be a strong team player, with good communication skills and confident working independently. You will have good organisational and problem-solving abilities and be experienced with keeping on top of multiple tasks. 

Communications Officer

Overview of the role

As Communications Officer, you will be responsible for delivering Beacon’s day-to-day communications, including running our social media channels, delivering promotional campaigns, and maintaining our online presence. You will aid the organisation in raising awareness of rare diseases, increasing engagement in Beacon’s work and strengthening our position within the community.

The Communications Officer will work closely with the entire Beacon team. You will collaborate routinely with the Projects and Science Teams to ensure accurate, engaging and timely dissemination of information about their activities. You will also work closely with the CEO and COO in the development and delivery of a new communications strategy for 2023 and beyond. As a new hire, you will benefit from working alongside our new Digital Resources Manager (currently our Marketing and Engagement Manager), learning directly from their experience previously overseeing Beacon’s communications.

The successful candidate will have a passion for storytelling and a strong command of the English language. You will demonstrate drive and curiosity and have excellent skills in organisation and time-management, and a penchant for balancing and prioritising multiple tasks.