The Student Voice Prize

Our supporters

Beacon relies on the generous contribution of sponsors to continue working on the Student Voice Prize year after year. We would like to say a big thank you to our sponsors for 2022:

Headline sponsor

Envision Hope Foundation

Envision Hope Foundation’s mission is to improve the lives of underserved people by supporting health education and medical care from the local to global level. We support activities that bring equality to science and medicine, fund medical research, provide educational opportunities, and that, ultimately, expand healthcare access to underserved populations across the globe.

Envision Hope Foundation is the charitable arm of Envision Pharma Group (EPG), a global leader in medical affairs and healthcare communications. EPG’s vision is to improve lives through the power of our technology and expertise. We do this every day through our work in the biopharmaceutical industry.

We partner with leading rare disease companies seeking to address the unique challenges faced by this patient population, from initial diagnosis to access to effective treatments.  Our reach – and the impact we can make – in this regard is extended considerably by the Envision Hope Foundation.

Envision Hope Foundation is run exclusively by EPG employees responding to requests for support made by EPG’s global staff team on behalf of charities and non-profit organizations around the world.

Silver sponsor

Costello Medical

Costello Medical works to improve healthcare by providing clients with scientific support in the analysis, interpretation and communication of clinical and health economic data.

The Rare Diseases Division at Costello Medical are dedicated to understanding the unique challenges faced by the rare diseases community, and developing strategies to overcome the difficulties faced when there is little clinical or health economic evidence available, poor understanding and awareness of a rare condition and a need to accelerate access for patients to potentially life-saving drugs.

Their experience supporting the healthcare industry and rare disease organisations includes working across a wide range of indications including rare oncology, paediatric diseases and genetic conditions.

M4RD Supporters

In 2013, Students4RareDiseases (Medics4RareDiseases original name) was grateful to receive funding from Sanofi Genzyme by working with The UK LSD Collaborative. They received the PAL Award for the project “Hear hooves…Think Zebra” and thanks to this award they transformed a small student society into a national organisation.  Since then different parts of the project have received sponsorship from different companies. They are currently working on their 2022 campaign – building on the success of 2021.

M4RD would like to thank all sponsors and donors for their generous support. Rather than targeting resources on one specific disease they understand that one part of achieving earlier diagnoses is by breaking down the stigma of rare diseases in healthcare. The work of M4RD will benefit all rare diseases.

Find out more about what M4RD is doing to help make a difference here