How does the programme work?

The programme runs on an annual basis for a 12 month period, this cohort will run from February 2023 to February 2024. For the first time ever we have decided to split the programme into two stages. There will be a one month training stage, once this is complete Beacon will introduce mentees to their mentors who will then work together for the duration of the scheme.

The programme at a glace

20th February: Applications end

2nd – 23rd March: Training stage occurs

  • 2nd: Mentee training on strategy
  • 9th: Mentee training on project management
  • 16th: Mentor training on leadership/coaching skills
  • 23rd: Mentee and Mentor training on mental heath

27th March: Partnership stage begins

30th March: Welcome event in London

June/October/February: Check-in calls with Beacon

February 2024: End of programme

Celebratory closing event

Stage one – Training

Once recruitment ends and the new cohort has been accepted onto the programme a period of training will begin, it will last for around one month and include sessions for both mentees and mentors.

There will be two training sessions specifically for mentees to help equip them with the skills they need to make the most out of the programme, an additional session for mentors focusing on coaching/leadership skills and a final session (open to both mentees and mentors) looking at mental health and resilience.

Mentee training

Strategy training 

Thursday 2nd March

This session will look at using your mission and vision to come up with clear objectives.

Project management training

Thursday 9th March

This session will focus on resource management and priority setting.

Mentor training

Coaching and leadership training

Thursday 16th March

This session will give mentors the coaching and leadership skills they need to approach their partnership with confidence.

Mentee and Mentor training

Mental health and resilience training

Thursday 23rd March

This session will focus on how to prioritise mental health in increasingly challenging times. 

Stage two – Partnerships

Beacon review all of the applicants and assign mentees with mentors based on their respective needs, preferences and skills as identified in their application forms.

Once the training period is over, Beacon will introduce the mentoring pairs who will then work together for the remainder of the programme.

Once paired, partners will work together to set SMART objectives for the programme and finalise them with the support from Beacon. They are then left to work together to achieve these goals under their own steam.

To get the most out of the programme pairs are expected to meet for a minimum of an hour a month – virtually or in person – to update on progress, work through challenges, express ideas and set new tasks.

Throughout the year, Beacon will hold 3 rounds of calls to check-up on progress and offer support. The calls will be scheduled for every 4 months.

Opportunities to connect

Previous cohorts have emphasised how beneficial they found being able to connect with members of the programme beyond their mentoring partner.

In response to this we have introduced even more ways to meet with your fellow mentees and mentors!

Welcome event

Thursday 30th March, 13:00 – 17:00, London

Beacon is exited to invite the whole 2023-24 mentoring cohort to an afternoon welcome event in London. This will be an excellent opportunity to meet your partner, connect with the rest of the cohort and enjoy a complimentary lunch! 

Programme wide meet-ups!

Virtual meet-ups will be organised throughout the programme where the cohort will have the opportunity to network, share news and ask for advice from the other mentees and mentors.

Facebook group exclusively for cohort

Participants in the programme will get access to a Facebook group where the cohort can ask questions and update each other in their own time.

Resources hub

A brand new feature of the 2023-24 Mentoring Programme is their own space on Beacons Resources Hub where they can find information on the skills and goals of their fellow mentees and mentors.

Closing event

Once the year is up Beacon will host a closing event to celebrate all the cohort has achieved throughout the year!