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In 1,500 words or less, please answer one of the three essay questions provided below.

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Question 1

Many people with long term conditions are exposed to considerable uncertainty. For those living with rare conditions, this can be amplified due to the lack of information, services and management.

Using a case study, explore how uncertainty can impact people living with rare disease and their families. Consider the psychological, emotional, and practical effects of effective and ineffective medical communication around uncertainty and health.

Question 2

Many rare conditions are multi-system complex conditions with a genetic basis. They are challenging to understand and explain, and yet those affected by rare disease often have to become disease experts, fluent in medical language.

What are the major sources of information and knowledge available to people living with rare and genetic conditions? Use examples to explore the role that medical professionals can play in helping patients understand their condition.

Question 3

Carrying out clinical research about specific rare disease can be challenging due to the small participant population available. However, research is an important part of rare disease management as it provides hope for better outcomes in the future.

Explore how people may be marginalised from taking part in research based on the language and format that is used in the recruitment of participants. Discuss how the lack of inclusivity in recruitment efforts hinders the representative participation of people in research. How does this exclusion perpetuate health inequity in the context of rare disease?

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Who can enter?

The Student Voice Prize is primarily aimed at medical students, but anyone studying medical and biological sciences is able to enter the competition.

It is an international competition so wherever you are in the world you can submit an essay, however, all submissions have to be written in English.

You can submit an essay if you are studying any of the following:

  • Medicine
  • Nursing
  • Pharmacy
  • Biology
  • Genetics
  • Biomedical science
  • Pharmacology
  • And more!

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The competition is open to undergraduate and master’s students only.
Entries from PhD students will not be accepted.